Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

One year and about half an hour from typing this post my little Noah was born! It's been a great year and he has had a pretty fun birthday so far if I do say so myself! Calls and visits from friends and family - including Sally! She made him some pretty awesome tie-dyed shirt with appliques of dogs on them (he thinks dog are pretty awesome right now) and a little lovey blanket. Here's a collage of the afternoon...oh and he's wearing his birthday sweater too! It turned out great and I know it's going to get lots of wear.

After finishing his sweater I went ahead and cast on a hat for myself! I am super happy with how it turned up and will be writing up the pattern. I used a superwash merino dk weight yarn from Becoming Art that I had purchased from Sock Summit for just this purpose. Now I am back to working on the Jeanne shawl that I am doing for Funky Carolina! It is just cruising along and is a very enjoyable knit - more on that later but here is a little sneak peek pic for now!
All in All Monday had proven to be a good predictor of the week! I hope it stays that way!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Mondays often have a bad name. This week mine has been amazing! I feel full of excitement for the week and energized! I have quite a few fun things planned - including my little one's first birthday! So get ready there might just be a lot of posts this week with lots of pictures! For now just a pretty fun picture of the soon to be birthday boy - Noah!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have always been a big fan of normal (and by that I guess I mean my normal - I've always enjoyed being a little weird) . I like have a regular schedule, knowing what's coming. I have never wanted to be famous, or anything like that. I love having my little life with my family and friends.

That said - for two months life has been anything but normal! I guess moving will do that to ya! So I have been a little crazy. It has been a whirlwind of packing, painting, children, unpacking, more painting, cleaning, children, driving, packing, painting, unpacking, and the flu! But now finally a semblance of normalcy is starting to blanket my new home. My grandparents are now living downstairs from us and I am already loving it! (that was the second set of packing, painting, and unpacking). But enough of that!

The fun parts have been tucked here and there. There has been quite a few family gatherings - so wonderful! John, the boys, and I were able to get out to the Alaska State Fair and we had a great time! I am going to tuck in a few pics from that at the end....

I also am finally back together business wise. I have a new studio area that I am super excited about and I have been able to get some new things listed in the shop including the return of my Scrap Happy Grab Bags. I have also been dabbling in needle felting and can't wait to do more.

My latest knitting project (at least my latest that should be finished soon) is my Noah's birthday present. He is now walking all over the place and starting to say his first words. I can't believe how the time flies (though you think I would be used to that by now). Corbin keeps us on our toes with his funny thoughts and amazing memory. He now is wearing big boy underwear (which of course makes Mama soooo happy!). Well I hear them stirring in their room and must wrap this up!