Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sock Summit Sock Hop - Oh Yeah!

So as a result of not getting one of the classes I was hoping for I have decided to go all out for the Sock Hop! I am making some awesome knee high socks (which I messed up on last evening and now need to rip a couple of rows - ugh!) and a super cool rockabilly 50's style dress (I mentioned this plan earlier but now it is getting closer to reality). I was very successful with fabric and yarn - I couldn't be happier! The fabric is an Alexander Henry print and the yarn is Dale of Norway baby Ull in a really nice icy blue. Enough chatter as pictures speak louder than words....

I am working on the socks first as they will take longer, and I am back on track for losing weight! My goal is another 15lbs before Sock Summit. I have maintained for the last couple of months - but I really need to break through this plateau as this weight is the lowest I have gotten for the past 4 years or so. I know I can do it - unfortunately it is going to require the treadmill from this point......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

June Phat Sneak Peek...

As promised....though there is one set of samples missing from the pics...they'll just have to be a surprise! Clockwise starting from the top left.....Big Blue World on Seawool, Citrus Siesta on Seawool, Big Blue World on Cashnyro (this is already in the shop), and Kelp on Yakino. Due to some shipping error and a big storm I will actually have double the samples this month! So most of the people should a get a sample from me!! Which works out nicely as I am taking off the month of July from Phat Fiber....letting the truly non-woolly sellers shine!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When the knitting world shook....

Yesterday morning was a momentous day! It was the day that Sock Summit 09 opened up for regisration. It was crazy (but fun)! The Ravelry Sock Summit forum was hopping - giving a crazy play by play of each moment. I felt fortunate to even have the opportunity to try for classes and even now there are a few choices open! I ended up with one of their one hour wonders on ergonomical knitting, which I definitely need. I am also super excited as I was also able to snag tickets to the opening reception, sock hop, and luminary panel. It is going to be amazing!!! I am already making plans for a rockabilly Swing style dress and some cool lacy knee socks (Sodera - Rav link) to be exact. I am going to hopefully get out to pick out the pattern, fabric, and yarn today.

In other news Noah is just about to hit the 8 month mark and is pulling up, crawling, and scooting like a madman - no more immobile and safe baby. It sure is fun to watch him though!

Corbin is cracking me up constantly. For example going to see Night At The Museum II is on the agenda for today. After telling Corbin this, he was super excited. Acouple minutes later, as he was eating breakfast, he told me that "He wanted to stay home and eat Daddy's cereal - the movie was too scary...." Though of course a couple of seconds later he was back on for heading out! His latest terror has been the mosquitos though (not that I for one blame him....). He is terrified of them and starts crying as soon as one lands on him. :( All he talked about last night was how "the moaquito's were walking on him" - I think I am just thankful that he doesn't react to bites as I did, in fact I don't think they itch him at all.

My next post should include a sneek preview for my June Phat Fiber Samples!!! Stay Tuned!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner, Knitting, and Dessert

Yes that's right! Three things that make me very happy!

Two friends came over for a delightful & tasty dinner of BBQ Country Style Pork ribs (YUM), potato salad, sweet corn, and beans. It was delish and and a fun start to the evening.

We then went off for a night of knitting at Far North Yarn Company. This is my second time coming and it was fun but I know I need to get out there a little more....I am not very good at inserting myself into a group. I all but cast off the first yoga sock that I am working on! I am excited about these as I think they will be perfect to wear with my sandals at sock summit looking pretty snazzy while keeping my feet cool considering it will be August. There was lots of sock knitting going on and I loved seeing some of the different patterns and yarns being used!

Dessert was a great finale at Sugar Spoon a relatively new place in the Spenard area (we walked from Far North) that serves dessert and coffee! I will definitely be back. We all dined on S'more cake - I was even a good wife and brought some home for John (big kudo's to him for being off work and staying home with the kiddo's).

All in all it added up to a pretty fun and satisfying evening!! Hope there are many more Friday's like it to come!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A couple days to slow down

As I think I have posted before my Grandparents homesteaded when they retired on a 5 acre tract of land a few miles outside of Talkeetna, Alaska. They have no running water, have an outhouse, and use a generator for when they need power. They designed/built the all the structures on their property themselves - A main cabin, detached garage, wood shed w/tool shed, outhouse, generator shed, and guest cabin. They decided to move away from city life in 1981 - three years before I was born. Their home has been a place of relaxation and retreat my entire life. Their continued strength and resiliance amaze me - they are both 85 this year. They have been amazing examples of character for me, they have shown me that life can be what you make it, not what "popular" society dictates. Anyhow - this may seem a strange post, but I just
wanted to share a little bit of this retreat (again) and the beauty of the great state that I live in.

Oh - and as a result I sped through the second sock I was working on, finishing my hubby's second pair of handknit socks.

Also just had to share that I am starting my little one early on yarn addicition =D

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I think I'm addicted! I participated in a swap on The Fibery Goodness board on Ravelry! Spiderspins sent me tons of fiber! Two batts were by her as well as one roving and then she also included a set of mini batts from Terra Bella Spun! They are all so beautiful! I couldn't resist spinning some up yesterday and I got approx 240yards out of the Mother Earth Batt. I spun it as a slightly thick n thin single. Already plotting what to make with it! I thought it was very aptly named and it is a very soft blend of Superwash Merino, BFL, and angora bunny! YUM! Here is my collage of what all was included!
Here is the finished yarn spun from the Mother Earth Batts:

Last night I went to knit night at Far North! It lots of fun and I am pretty sure I will be able to be there next week! My Aunt Connie came with and it was awesome to have her with me - plus she helped me feel brave! I meant to take pictures and while I remembered my camera I forgot to take it out! Oh well another time I guess!

In shop news, my recent yarn orders came in and I am back in the swing of dying again! Some are already up in the shop - Lots of new yarns including cashmere, seacell, tencel and yak blends! Also I am running a special in my shop today only - In honor of the Phat Fiber Boxes going on sale today I am offering a 20% refund off your entire purchase - Just put "Phat Fiber Day" in your checkout notes!