Friday, July 15, 2011

Board walk, knitting, and boys

This morning Corbin had his second riding lesson (which went great!). But we had an hour to kill before heading to his lesson and decided to spend it at Potter's Marsh. I have great memories of exploring there as a child and love that my children get that same experience. My Dad had taken them earlier in week, which had made me realize how long it had been since I had gone. The boys enjoyed showing us everything and the day was so beautiful and the air so fresh. I needed that hour of respite in God's creation more than I knew.

There was also knitting (Skype socks)

While I was attending (another) baby shower the boys enjoyed more time outside! I came home and promptly gave them baths (although I am not sure how wise that was as they are camping out with their daddy in the yard tonight). This was Noah's feet just before bathing. I used to cringe at the thought of the kids getting this dirty. I feel joy in it now, a boys feet should look like that in the summer. As Corbin told me this morning "TV is boring" I must be doing something right!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Go Dog Go

I have a baby shower to attend tonight for a little boy that will be here soon. I got the dog fabrics from a friend and then had coordinating fabrics in the stash! So that made me happy and I think it turned out pretty cute. I am still working on my free motion quilting skills, but overall I am very happy with the finished project.

I have been knitting away like mad during my spare moments preparing for my fall classes. All the projects are going well, I just wish I had more time (Like everyone).

In other news, my husband is currently in the middle of testing with the Anchorage Fire Department and that has added a little stress to the mix. A family member also has some serious health issues going on right now and that has had me struggling to hand over the worry to God. I know He can handle it and knows the big picture, I just need to let go.

In happier tones our church just called an associate pastor. I am so excited for this man (and his family) to now be on full time!! The Lord has worked so amazingly in his life and he has done a lot for the church already!! I know it can only get better!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riding Lesson

Corbin had his first Horseback Riding lesson today!!! I must admit I am living a bit vicariously through him as I have had a life long love of horses! He took a bit to warm up to his instructor (as expected) however he was talking normally to her by the end of the lesson! I look forward to many more. He did so well following her direction and it was exciting to experience my child's success. He had a session in their riding corral and then he got to go on a trail ride. He and I can't wait for him to go back.

Here's a couple of pics :)

also an apology for the !!! I am really excited about his lessons :)