Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New cardi

I need a new cardigan. Badly. So when the yarn I got off of Ravelry (thanks Ina!!) came in the mail the hunt was on! I decided on the Alexa Capped Sleeve Cardi (Rav Link) I think the tweed will work great with the cables and that I will easily be able to wear this most of the year as well as with most of what I own or will own in the future. It has been very enjoyable to knit so far. My only complaint is that the pattern is written in a rather irritati
ng way in regards to the cable pattern. I find myself wishing for a chart, or even just for each row to be one one line instead of three or four.I plan on retyping it but the kiddos have not been co-operating with that so for now I will just deal with it. I have surprised myself in that I enjoy knitting sweaters in separate pieces. I think it is easier for me to get my head around and have a goal to work towards. I don't think seaming is really so bad after all :) Then again we'll see what I think after I seam this baby! Here is a pic of my progress. Hoping it will grow quite a bit today!

Also a little update in the shop today!
Looking for a gift for a fellow crafter? I put up Gift Certificate in the shop for $25 and $50!

Have you read the Yarn Harlot's latest post? I was just telling a friend yesterday...I really want to learn how to weave!

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