Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Homeowner

We've now lived in our current home for about 17 months! It's been exciting to have a home that is all ours to paint and change as we desire. Though of course what comes with that is responsibility to fix what breaks!

We have a tubular skylight that has decided to leak, thankfully it's really not bad and John will have no problem fixing it. By fixing it we have decided to remove it!! Now the plan is to build out that wall and put in a pantry as well as some built in shelving. We are very excited about it (especially have more storage to make our kitchen that much more efficient). My husband used to work as a framer and he is definitely more excited by the prospect of this kind of housework than the other finishing type projects that he's had to do thus far.

Crafting wise I have finished another yellow brick road quilt top. This time for a friend who is due with a little girl in the beginning of March. Oops, I do still have the borders to add, but then on to quilting!

No pics today, hopefully next post!

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