Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finished - Yellow Brick Road Gone Girly!

So yesterday I busted out the quilting and binding on this Yellow Brick Road quilt. It took right around 7 hours! Whew, the boys were super co-operative (Noah napped during most of the quilting) and this was done without *almost* any strife. Only the end of the binding gave me fits, as I was trying out a new technique for meeting up the binding. It turned out great though I had to use my seam ripper a couple of times! I backed the quilt with minkee and I have to say I was VERY glad to have "basted" this using fabric spray adhesive. It really did a great job keeping the minkee in place rather than stretching. Now this quilt is ready for the baby shower on Sunday and I have a big weight off my shoulders. Just have one more coordinating burp rag to finish which should take all of 30 minutes!

Also finished up a pair of socks this morning, but as I was taking my first picture of them the battery on the camera died, so until next time on those. I am also waiting for my personal photographer (also known as my sister Whitney) to take some pics of me in my Undergrowth Hat and Hallet's Ledge Sweater so I can post about them!


  1. It turned out so beautiful! I love how your quilting turned out, and am completely impressed that you did that on minkee!

    I really need to work on another lap quilt, or on our big sampler quilts! Sigh...I guess it will have to wait until after I graduate. OR we could start during spring break! oh the possibilities...

  2. I love that blanket! And am looking forward to seeing the other projects soon :)

  3. Beautiful! You are doing a great job quilting and I can't wait to see your knitting.