Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hand Knit Love

This is my son with the blanket that he has slept under from the moment that he was born. It was part of a layette that was made by my aunt (you can see it here....[rav link]). I washed it (not for the first time lol) and it was drying over a railing. Noah did not appreciate that whatsoever. In fact it infuriated him, and he could not be distracted. Finally after some food and a nap he snatched it from the railing (albeit a tad damp in spots) and ran around the house victorious. He was so happy to have it around him and it just reminded me of the love and time my aunt had put into the blanket. This is one of the major reasons I love anything handcrafted!

Also big update in the shop....five new colorways of my Borealis DK weight yarn that my Mood Lifter Slouch was written for. Also if you purchase Borealis DK and the pattern I will refund $2. I also put up some more Cashnyro Luxury Lite and Terino Luxury. Whew that was a lot of links! :)

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