Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phat Fiber - Home for the Holidays

With moving and "The Upheaval" as I like to call it, I took a break from contributing to Phat Fiber. It feels good to be back! This is a great group of artists and definitely have a great sense of community! I love being a part them.

So yesterday my box came!! It is one of the best yet...I think I say that every time, heheh.

So I was on top of it and took my pictures and am ready to post 'em!


  • Frosted Spruce: 2 samples in one! A little bit of white Alpaca, and some beautiful spruce SW Merino. Silver Sun Alpacas
  • Timmy Knocked Over the Christmas Tree! - Ok I can't help but love this one - the blend is great and the name just describes it perfectly! Wild Hare Fiber Studio
  • Through the Woods (To Grandma's): Wool top, Flax (so cool!), and Firestar. The firestar is the perfect christmas colors and gives the greatest sparkle! Giffordables
  • Turkey Stuffing: I was so excited to get one of Brittany's samples! I have never gotten one before and it does not disappoint! It's a merino and silk blend. Boho Knitter Chic
  • Green Beans and Cranberries: A great bodied domestic longwool. I love the colors in this sample and the name describes it perfectly!! Natchwoolie
  • Next Day Leftovers: This delicate yet rich colorway is beautiful and soft with a great variety of fibers. Beesybee Fibers
  • Glowing Embers: I have been dying to see what this luscious fiber blend is like and I can't wait to get it on the wheel. 80/10/10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon. The colorway is just gorgeous it has a lot of depth. The Sassy Sheep
  • Fall on the Farm: Beautiful. It is just a classy and lovely batt. I admit I teared up when I read the sweet family story that had inspired the colorway. a reminder of why it is so great to buy from the artisans themselves! Knit It Up

  • A upcycled yarn, in a really pretty purpley pink color. Jag's Funky Fibers
  • Gobble, Gobble. A gorgeous BFL handspun in fall colors. I LOVE the way she packaged it. The yarn makes the "tail" of the turkey. My whole family thought it was great!! Melissa's Kre8tions
  • Sugar Plums, yummy sock yarn in 70 sw merino/30 Seacell (LOVE) I have been eyeing this shops yarns...they are all so pretty and this one is no exception! Anzula Luxury Fibers. Oh and I really like her logo!
  • Peacock Feathers, sw merino sock yarn. Lovely blues, purples, and turquoises. Shelby B's Designs
  • Mom's Harvard Beets, I loved her tag and colorway. I am not a fan of eating beets, but I LOVE the color. Great naturally dyed yarns in BFL or Organic Merino. A really lovely yarn! Vibrant Fibers
  • Spin Girl Fiberarts socks sample is a really beautiful dusty autumnal colorway. I think it would make BEAUTIFUL socks.
  • Winter Colorwheel, a lovely 2ply sock yarn. I was really hoping to get this sample! I was so happy to see it nestled in my box. It is a self striping sock yarn and I can't wait to knit it up! Also Nancy from Fireweed Dyeworks is another Alaskan!
  • Gingerbread was another sample I was really hoping to get. It is just beautiful!! Wool, Camel, and tussah silk. Seriously yummy yarn!! By Rebekah with Love. Plus I gotta say I love her name :) My sister is a Rebekah also...
  • Got a cute block printed bag from Ruddawg with her logo on it...super cute doggie!
  • A beautiful glass button from Sea Air Arts, really would add a lot to any project! Seriously huge value here!! This is a (rightly so I might add!!) $21 value.
  • The Luxury Spa Cloth Pattern - Gonna have to try this one out! I have some cotton yarn with it's name on it! Rule Out Fiber Addiction
  • Very nice no snagging stitch marker with a shoo-fly charm AND! a Super awesome shoo-fly pie recipe!! Not to mention the awesome froggy thanksgiving pic on the card! Lampyridae
  • No snagging very pretty stitch marker from Susan's Kitchen.
  • A nice variety of business cards and discounts

Whew! Check out these shops! They are amazing!

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  1. That is really nice of you, Kelsey, to provide links to all the Phatties' shops. I really want to meet you, since we both live in Anchorage! Imagine that it took a PhatFiber group for us to know about each other....