Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics!

Had so much fun settling in to watch the opening ceremonies as well as cast on my project! I am knitting the Alberta vest (three actually, one for John, Corbin, and Noah) by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed and the challenge will be that it is my first steeking project!! (yikes!) I have read that it is easy, but the though of cutting my knitting is just a little scary and intimidating! I am using Australis Yarn, my merino worsted weight. I cast on and was several inches into the stripes when I decided that I just didn't like it. I had dyed the yarn in semi-solid tones of blue, green, and a goldish brown. As I progressed I decided that the gold was just too bright and was becoming the focal color. Not what I had been hoping. so I ripped out to the ribbing and reskeined the gold and overdyed into a much deeper brown. It is steaming as we speak and if all goes well should be dry for me tomorrow morning.

So, in the meantime I have cast on the ribbing for Noah's vest....thank goodness for interchangeable needles!! At least this way I am not losing too much knitting time.....

Yesterday we made our weekly trek out to the zoo, but this time with a new sled for Noah. He was buckled in, so no diving out or making us run after him too much. He was still really able to see the animals and get a kick out of what they were doing! I LOVE going to the zoo in the winter, no crowds and the animals are so much more active than in the summer.

Today was Second Saturday and they had a ton of stuff set up for kids, they played with some cool toys, did some crafts, watched some dancing and got some free hot cocoa :) It was a super fun day! Then after we got home Corbin and I made valentine cupcakes. It was so fun to have him help me and participate!

Oh and some new fiber came home to live with me....isn't it GORGEOUS!

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  1. I really like the greens and grays in the roving you got!