Friday, February 5, 2010

What to say?

What I hate the most about "taking a break" from blogging is that I feel like I have to "catch up"...which makes me not really feel like posting. So I am just ignoring that fact that I haven't posted in over a month....

I have several projects to post about...I even have pics of most of them. Alas my camera is in the car and I am on the maybe tomorrow I will do a wordless post to make up for today's lack of pics.

The biggest change in my house since I last posted is that I have gone to once a month cooking! I now have a large stand alone freezer (thank you Aunt Connie!!) and have 50lbs of moose and 30+ meals inside it! It took me around 6.5 hours to cook and then I was done! It's been very nice knowing that I will be having a real meal each evening while not having to decide what to cook. Plus I got to break the food up into portion size that make sense for our family as well. I am already looking forward to planning and cooking for next month as I learned a few things and have found some more good recipes!

well that's all for now and I will hopefully be getting some good pics up by tomorrow!

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  1. What I hate most about posting a new blog entry is when someone doesn't read it and gets on my case about not posting! lol