Thursday, June 24, 2010

More biking

No more crafting updates, I need to get some photos taken and uploaded before that can happen so I will continue with my biking log!

Yesterday was another day of family biking. We headed off towards Lake Hood planning on connecting to the Coastal Trail at Earthquake Park. The boys were asleep quickly as we headed out a little after their normal nap time. BUT, quickly woke up once they heard all the float planes taking off at the lake. We stopped and took some pics and let them enjoy all the planes.

Then we were back on the trail and biked on to Elderberry Park downtown where we had a nice picnic dinner.

The boys enjoyed the playground and made a couple new friends. The bike home was nice and uneventful. All in all it was a 19 mile ride, though it was considerably easier for me than Tuesday as I was not attached to roughly 80lbs of kid and trailer!

Today I worked - which I have not yet announced, but I am now employed at Quilt Tree! I loving it and am constantly inspired by the creativity around me. I must admit it has been providing me with a much needed regular break from being a stay at home mom. John is loving the alone time he's getting with the boys and the change of pace is welcome for both of us :)

As I was saying, today I worked so that meant my main bike rides were just the to and from work, though I was joined by my youngest sister Beka on my way home (a very welcome suprise! I can hardly believe she will be gone to college in just six weeks!!). It's only around a 4.5 mile ride one way but it adds up to about 45 min of biking a day so is still a welcome workout!

After getting home John washed and tuned up my bike as well as his. Then we enjoyed a quick ride to Tastee Freeze where we ate a yummy dinner and ice cream sundays!

All in all today I bike 12.8 miles, and I must admit my muscles protested a little today after my two previous rides!


  1. Sounds like you have been having fun during John's four-day! I'm glad you have been getting to bike in the last couple of days, we need to plan a family bikeride; maybe portage or bird to gird (or at least part of it). xoxo

  2. Wow! You are the biking queen!! Love reading your blogs...will have to get back to blogging once life settles here....wonder if that will EVER happen!