Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside sister has really been pushing for a post and surprisingly I am in the mood for it! I have been spending so little time on the computer that my blog has been suffering (obviously). I have been creating away and have finished many new projects, but I am not going to try and catch up...I think that is always what gets me in trouble. I feel a nonsensical need to explain that gap in posting, and I am just going to ignore the impulse.

So to jump back in I'm going to use this template to get juices flowing :) Your welcome Whitney!! lol.

December 16, 2010

Outside my window.... Is a windswept, snowy driveway with very fresh moose tracks heading through them. I wish I had gotten to the moose! I haven't seen as many around the house so far this year.

I am thinking...about how there is never enough time and since I have been sewing more I have been fighting with myself over whether I feel like sewing or knitting.

I am thankful for... my family, the ability to buy Christmas gifts for my children, and the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with my oldest son.

I am wearing... the yoga pants I hijacked from my sister, a white cami, and my favorite comfort shirt. A purple fleece REI button up shirt that was my Grandma Jan's. I always think of her when I where it and feel a little closer to the years I got to spend with her.

I am stressful past holidays have been, and so thankful that this year is not turning out to one of them!

I am going... knit some more tonight and hopefully finish the slippers I am working on for myself.

I am creating...Quite a bit right now! I have two quilts I'm working on and two that just need their bindings sewn, as well as various a knitting projects. I also just bought a new cookie cook book and I am SO excited to bake out of that with the boys :)

I am reading... A Clash of Kings by George R. R. of my favorite series

I am hoping... we have no more sickness with my boys. Just finished up a couple weeks with the stomach flu and pink eye making rounds....

I am hearing... my boys rustling in bed as they have just laid down for the night.

On my mind... making the best use of my time and that John makes it home safe from the Valley tonight.

From the Kitchen... Tonight was Pork Loin roast, Peas, Crescent Rolls, with Chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Yum!

One of my favorite things... Relaxing with a good book

A few plans for the weekend... xc skiing, baking, spending time with family, knitting, and sewing.

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  1. Yay I'm so glad you bogged! Let's all go skiing together!