Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Zealand Pullover

So my pattern for the New Zealand Pullover (rav link) arrived in the mail and so the shawl has to take second seat at least until I can determine how long this pullover will take. I am SO excited to be working on this though as I am making it for my husband. He has wanted me to make him a sweater for a long time. When I saw this pattern I knew it would be for him. I did the swatch as prescribed by Elizabeth and washed and blocked it. I am getting 5.75 stitches to the inch and this will be the smallest gauge that I have ever knit an adult sweater. This will also be the largest sweater I have ever knit. So....I am a little nervous at how long it will take me. It is mostly stockinette so it will be fast on that account, but with probably 4-5 hours knitting yesterday at least, I have 3.5-4" on the body. I'm knitting it in Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool, their Burnt Orange color. It is one of my favorite yarns. I LOVE the resulting fabric. Below is a picture of the yarn, I will try to get some WIP pics when there is more to show :)

Also this will be one of the classes I am teaching in the fall at The Yarn Branch. We're doing "A Study in Elizabeth Zimmerman", with a choice in projects of either the Baby Surprise Jacket or the New Zealand Pullover. Both are unisex and can be knit in any weight yarn. I think this will make for a great class!

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