Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riding Lesson

Corbin had his first Horseback Riding lesson today!!! I must admit I am living a bit vicariously through him as I have had a life long love of horses! He took a bit to warm up to his instructor (as expected) however he was talking normally to her by the end of the lesson! I look forward to many more. He did so well following her direction and it was exciting to experience my child's success. He had a session in their riding corral and then he got to go on a trail ride. He and I can't wait for him to go back.

Here's a couple of pics :)

also an apology for the !!! I am really excited about his lessons :)


  1. Oh, Kelsey, to see your little man up on a horse!!!!! I have so many good memories of a little girl who was crazy about horses. Why aren't you riding next to him?

  2. So cute! Hope I can tag along to the next lesson :)