Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bag and Log Cabins

I finished a bag yesterday. I love how it turned out and it is exactly the size and type of bag I have been needing. Plus it has fabric on the pockets that I LOVE and find hilarious. I call them the creepy knitting ladies. I knew the instant that I saw the fabric that I had to have a project bag with them on it. The fabric is by Alexander Henry and it's called The Ghastlies. I for some reason could not get my head around this bag though. It took several tries, buying more fabric, and settling for a few things that I wouldn't normally accept but it's done. I think I would do much better the second go around, however I am still happy with the end product and love my new bag.

I am taking a quilt class right now, Classic Log Cabin. I have been anxiously awaiting a class like this. I am two weeks in and LOVING it. I didn't have much time last week to work on it, but all the logs are now cut and I am happily chain piecing away. I have four finished blocks and 16 that need one more round. This quilt will be for John to take with him to work for his bed there. I am hoping to get a maltese cross quilted onto it or something like that. It will be a gift for John graduating the Anchorage Fire Department Academy. One of the things I love best about a log cabin quilt is how amazing they look regardless of your fabric choices. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and bought all of the fabrics at 50-70%. As long as they were a light or a dark and weren't too similar to each other they went into the "buy" pile. I bought the backing at the same time for 70% off and enough of the center fabric to do borders and binding (although I am leaning towards doing a log cabin border too) at 70% off. The cost for the top and backing of this twin sized quilt will only be about $45. That is smoking! Anyhow I love a good deal and am excited to see the blocks coming together. I am using Judy Martin's method and I LOVE how easy it has made it. I am also using the organizers she recommended and they have been keeping my fabric so nice and ready to piece. I can't wait to post a finished picture!

Also here is a picture that my sister took from Noah's birthday party. I love it :)

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  1. love the bag.
    love the quilt squares.
    love the birthday boy.
    love you!