Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Rag Quilt

I love Christmas Fabric. However I know myself and restrain most of my impulses to buy it all. I did last year buy this super cute line of Christmas Flannels! I colors all went with my house and my other decorations. I got busy and the fabric languished.

This year I conquered. Pulled it out and finished it up!! The result is this lovely, cozy, and comfy flannel rag quilt and pillow. After clipping all the edges I took it to the laundromat for it's first wash. Corbin accompanied me :) To him is was a grand adventure and he told me he "loved" being there. He was very well behaved and entertaining. He sang Frosty the snowman, Only a boy named David and played football.

Yesterday this same boy turned FIVE years old. So hard to believe :) I have an ornament on our tree that is recordable. It was a gift from my mother when Corbin was two weeks old. We recorded his sweet new born cry. It is my favorite ornament to hang on the tree. My husband and I tear up every year when we hear it. :)

The holidays have already been so fun. I have been waiting for this age with my children. They TOTALLY get that Christmas is coming and have loved everything that we have been doing to get ready for it! We have two advent calendars that we are doing this year and Corbin especially is grasping the countdown. Can't wait to decorate some cookies with them.

In other life news my husband is now a sworn in probational firefighter with the Anchorage Fire Department! His first day on shift is today!! I can't wait for him to be home tomorrow so I can hear all about it! I am so proud of him and the dedication that has brought him this far. I praise God for his faithfulness in our lives!! My God is so great!!

Here is the news spot they did on our local news. My hubby and Noah have a little spot at the end :)


  1. I love how the quilt turned out, it looks so warm and cozy! I cannot believe that Corbin is five years old, time has flown by so fast!!!

  2. I truly love your quilt. It really is fabulous!!

  3. CES is a stalker bloggers! Love your story about Corbin in the laundromat! What fun you must be having with them this year!