Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Pea Cardigan and Capucine

Two more knits are off the needles and I am in love with them both.

The first is a darling cardigan for my nephew Rowan. It has many sweet details that make it such a satisfying knit. For some reason I did not get the sleeves in but there is a picot hem there as well. I knit it out of cascade 22o and it delivered as expected. My only disappointment is the sizing used in the pattern. It lists this size as 18months and it fits my 3 year old. And my gauge and measurements are correct. Heavy sigh. I am still very happy with it though.

Second is a hat knit for the Yarn Branch as a store sample as well as a class I will be teaching. It is the Capucine hat. It is so comfy and really don't want to bring it back to the shop ;P. It is knit out of one skein of Noro Nadeshiko. It has wool, angora, and silk. So soft and yummy with great colors!
My oldest will be going with my mother to see the Nutcracker this year. My mom first took us girls when we were five and I am so excited that my son will get to join in on this tradition! We have been reading The Nutcracker everyday and both the boys are loving the story. We have watched a couple of online videos as well. I want to make sure he is prepared and knows what to expect :) He is VERY excited and loves searching out any nutcracker decorations in the stores.

Noah fell asleep in the evening service at our church yesterday. My mom was delighted to have his warmth on her lap. There is just something perfect and sweet about a sleeping child. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick Knit!

I have been bit by a trend. All over the place I see people wearing these super cute and chunky knit/crocheted head bands with these dramatic flowers on them. I wasn't sure I could pull one off. But I jumped on the bandwagon and whipped one up yesterday and it's on my head this morning :)

Some gratuitous pics of my boys cracking me up yesterday. Noah with his goofy faces and Corbin spent a good deal of yesterday "scooting" himself around in his new favorite toy. Life is never dull with them around.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Shower

Yesterday evening was the baby shower for my sister that I hosted through our church yesterday! There was a great turn out and it was so fun to get to together and fellowship! Our church is so full of young families right now and it's just wonderful to see all the babies. Though I will admit that I feel like these last months of my sister's pregnancy are going 5x slower than before. I am so excited for my little nephews arrival and I just can't wait to snuggle him!!!!

Here's some photo's from before the event started :) We did a woodland theme as her nursery is decorated in that theme. (We used my sister's camera for the actual event so I am sure we will get some photo's with people in them from her)


I finally got my spinning wheel back out. I can't tell you how long it had been. I would look longingly at my beautiful wheel and think tomorrow! Quite a few "tomorrows" passed and I finally sat down!

I can't remember what the fiber is as it is a wool blend that my sister bought. However it is dreamy! A very lustrous silky yarn is the result. I navajo plied the yarn and ended up with right about 200 yards of this yummy yarn. It is going back home to my sister and I am excited to jump back into spinning more.

Unfortunately I have some knitting that is in the front of the queue. A baby sweater, hat, cowl, and socks need to jump off my needles before I progress with any other projects get the front seat. The above are all samples I need to knit for my classes and I really would like them done before Thanksgiving. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays without them hanging over me :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Catch Up

I think we had the best Halloween ever this year! I did lots of cooking with the boys during the day and then they took off with their Daddy and went Trick or Treating. It was Noah's first year and he was SO excited! I stayed home to help my Grandmother hand out candy and I had a great time talking and chatting with them. Whenever we (my grandparents and I) spend time together I learn more and more about our family history.

I have been working on lots sewing and knitting projects and I hope to get to them soon!