Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo and Biking

Today has a been a fun day for me with the boys! My sister texted this morning and asked if we wanted to go to story time at the zoo! I never remember to put these things into my phone and really wish that we went more often. It was lots of fun and after story time we got to go see the three little orphaned black bears that the zoo is fostering right now. They we SO cute and then next to them was a little baby moose with the cutest eyes ever! It was easiest to see the bears when we were next to the moose so if you look carefully in the background of the picture you'll see the cute little devils.
Such cute little babies!

Corbin and Noah were "Superstar Batman and Red Batman" today ;P

The wolves were cracking me up today. My favorite was the one on the left resting his(or her) head on the branch :)

RAWR! Mighty Porcupine! hehe

Then after nap time we headed out on a bike ride! Corbin riding his own bike, and I was pulling Noah in the Chariot. We biked to McDonald's for a treat and then stopped at a playground on the way home. I know the boys liked it and I really did too! The only thing missing was my husband! I've been trying to finagle in a family biking trip for awhile but it just isn't happening. Hopefully soon!

I asked them to make silly faces :)

Happy to be having his ice cream

Very carefully eating his (also known as so slow it's dripping all over lol)

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  1. I really want to take the kids to the story time also, but always forget about it. I was wondering what it was like. I'm putting it in my phone for next week now.