Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Sculptures!

After a quite hectic weekend (I have a future post coming with my Olympic Knitting projects) we've been just chilling and quietly working on various things around the house. Today we decided to get out and see the Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures. It has been quite warm (in the upper 30's to low 40's) and wanted to go see them before they fell apart. There were some really simple ones as well as some intricate and quite beautiful ones. Here's a little collage (the pics are black and white so that the sculptures stand out as they should).

I have been going to see these since I can remember and am excited to continue this tradition with my children. They both loved them!


  1. I still like the Ice Sculptures better...ha!

  2. I do miss the ice sculptures!! (had to laugh at your description of quite warm)

  3. This looks so cool. I can not wait to move north again. I grew up in Ohio but would like to move even further up.

    I'm using the Soufriere sock yarn I got from you a few months ago! As soon as I can get a decent pic I'll put it up on Rav!

  4. Ooh! Looking forward to seeing it knit up :) I am trying to get all the enjoyment out of the winter activities that I can! If I am going to be cold I might as well have fun!