Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Resolutions...Ok I know they're a little late!

As so many Alaskans and probably most of the US (though it has reached many of them already) I can't wait to get my rear out into the warmth and sunshine! Today I totally stepped outside my comfort zone and took the boys for a walk....the walk wasn't out of my comfort zone but the puddle jumping was!! I am such a baby when it comes to getting dirty, but I took a note from my sisters who both love puddle jumping and let the boys have at it (yes they are in their PJ's, I figured if they got super dirty or stained most people would never see them)! Though I was still too paranoid to enjoy it myself! (Old habits die hard, what can I say)

Speaking of habits, I plan on breaking a few as well as forming some new ones. I have goals for the coming year (which I do find a little interesting that this is hitting me now, as I had no inspiration whatsoever over new years)

1. I will get outdoors everyday. I just used Fiber Festival moolah (THANK YOU to whomever shopped from me!!) and some money from selling our single chariot to purchase a new bike and double chariot for me and the boys. I have weight I want to lose, but more importantly I want to lead an active and fit lifestyle, and give my kiddos the tools and example to do the same! Plus all of my family members (as in my hubby, parents, and sisters) love to bike so I think it will be great fun!

2. I want to participate in more local events. I am already planning on doing the Walk/Roll for Hope and look forward to participating in some races this summer and fall as well! I also discovered that there is TONS of stuff to take the boys to that cost either nothing or little around town and I need to be taking advantage of them!! Plus hopefully I will be riding my bike instead of taking the car so I will be saving on gas as well!

3. Make time to enjoy the moment and stress less. This pretty much applies to all areas of my life and I think I need to stop being so centered on getting things done (well not lose that completely but balance it a little) and focus more on enjoying the moments I'm having, regardless of whether they are going exactly to plan. I am sort of a planner, so this is a big stretch for me. hmm...I feel like I need to explain how I am a planner...I am not a long term planner as much as I am a daily planner. In the morning I have expectations for my day and if things don't go accordingly I am known to get cranky....proof?...ask the hubby!

So there they are! There's not ever going to be a better time than now :)


  1. Wish I could have gone with you! They are so cute and good job letting them get dirty, even if it made you cringe! lol

    Also can't wait to get out and fulfill some of those goals with you!

  2. Pass the torch my friend. Do you remember how wet we used to get?!