Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This morning I woke up to an unexpected and not really welcome surprise. If you live in Anchorage, or the surrounding areas you already know what I'm talking about. SNOW. I know, I know, we live in Alaska, isn't that what it does here? Well, it does, and occasionally it dumps like this during spring. But I am soooooo ready for the warmth and lack of bulky clothing. Plus the cheetah 2 chariot we ordered for the boys came in yesterday. We promptly went for a lovely walk. There was still snowy patches, but overall the path was dry. The sun was shining, I had falsely believed we were done.

So last night, due to John working out in the Valley, we stayed at my parents so that we could go pick up a rental car after they were asleep (we only wanted to rent it for one day, he is working the 6am-12am shift). We had walked over with the shiny new chariot thinking it would be great for me to just walk home in the morning. At 1:45am, when we picked up the car the snow had just started, but it was barely sprinkling and really even looked like rain. The roads were still dry and I thought it was just a passing thing. But when we woke up at 7am, there was 5-6inches on the ground! Wet and sloppy, my least favorite snow!

So, out of a weird stroke up luck, I had worn my snow boots last night. So I still had no problem walking home, a little more resistance pushing the chariot, but it did great! The boys were toasty warm inside, which was a good thing since they were just in jammies (though they did have a fleece blanket).

I guess what it really showed me was that I need to not let the weather hold me back! I had already decided this mentally, but today really cemented that even 5" of sloppy nasty snow is no reason to stay inside!

*But I still can't wait for summer!*


  1. YES! See, weather is not an obstacle to being outside. :) I'm glad you have convinced yourself of this. And, I am ready for the snow to be gone too... this was like a cruel joke. Oh, well, should be gone by the end of the week if not the end of the day! :)