Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I picked up my sister Whitney and we headed out to the Eagle River Nature Center. We had an awesome time and the boys loved exploring the trails and board walks. The inside of the visitors center was great too, there was lots to touch, which works well with little boys lol. Whitney was awesome and remembered her camera and took some great photos (as usual). You can see her post and pics here.

Now home, I am catching up on cleaning. I have really been slacking (also known as sewing and knitting lol) and have quite a bit of household chores to catch up on. Noah has had a little bit of a stomach bug and I think he is still not quite himself. So an evening home sounded like a good idea!

Oh! I was able to finally able to talk the hubby into carrying up my new (to me) sewing cabinet and have told myself that if I get my list done I'll get to sit down and finish up my notions basket that I am working on.....

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  1. Love the cabinet! We need to get some serious sewing done this winter...I like the idea of the bike bags you were telling me about ;)