Friday, July 30, 2010

Pockets to Go

Especially since I have my sewing cabinet organized and ready to use, I have been doing a good amount of sewing these past couple days. Today, I have also taken the opportunity to pull out my small fabric stash. I have now measured and marked all the pieces that are full width, as well as sorted scraps. I even took pics of them all and uploaded them to my google web albums.

Here is a picture of my cabinet in the middle of me using it. I have my little ironing pad and iron. My baskets fit perfectly in the cubby holes and contain patterns, scraps, WIPs, and my new Pockets to Go organizers. Two of them are destined for my sister and her boyfriend as they are heading off to college in a couple of weeks and thought they would make great gifts.

I have also completed two stealth projects, but I will have to post the pics in a couple of weeks, as they are gifts for a friend.

I am definitely excited to be planning uses for the fabrics in my stash. I probably will be picking up the One Yard Wonders book to try and make the most of the fabrics and cost pattern wise. It's a great book and I've been wanting it either way.


  1. Presents for a friend huh?!? :) hahaha. Oh, and I have that book if you wanted to borrow it... it is pretty awesome. Your pockets look awesome!!

  2. Yeah some pregnant friend of mine...not sure you know her ;P

  3. I love your sewing station and pockets to go. So cute.