Tuesday, March 24, 2009

action photos!

So I couldn't wait for Easter and badly wanted my boys to wear their vests today! So they did! I sewed the button's on Noah's vest this morning and they are a perfect fit! I will definitely be ordering from Wooden Treasure's again! (In fact they are a Phat Fiber Contributor and are doing a give away contest right now!) The boys both seemed pretty comfortable in the wool and Corbin loved pointing out "his vest" and "Noah's vest". I am totally brain washing him to love hand knit items, I talked to him the entire times that I was knitting his, showing it to him, having him feel it. It was awesome! So here are some photo's of them both in their vests, taken just earlier this evening! (Don't mind the drool marks from Noah ;P )


  1. Those are some cute vests....but I'm afraid the kids make them shine...and not just the drool spots!! He he! Love it...

  2. They look great! And good job getting Corbin appreciating handmade so early!

  3. Congrats! One, for those lovely vests; I'm impressed, you dyed, spun, knitted and can now show off your hard work! Two, your big blog spot on Phat Fiber! (LOVE the cotton candy handspun)
    Keep up the great work!
    (calizona designs)

  4. LOVE them! They are too adorable. You are amazing (as a mom, knitter, spinner, dyer, friend, wow...you do a lot!)!!!

  5. Your little guys are adorable, and they make me remember the happiest times of my life when my two boy were young. Probably spaced the same as yours (mine were 26 mths apart).

    Now I have a grandbaby BOY on the way and I cant wait :O)

    Thanks for the reference to the wood button maker on Etsy--I just bookmarked them as a Fav :O)

    Would you care to share the details about the vest pattern? I would like to make it for my grandson. I am only an intermediate knitter but your pattern looks like something I could do!