Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sock Summit!

So today some friends came over and we got some real plans made with reservations and everything for Sock Summit 2009! I cannot wait and have several projects in mind to have done by then. Now I am anxiously waiting for the class list & overall schedule to come out so we can devise our daily plan! The details are still being worked out but we will be working in a family vacation around SS09 too (something John and I have been meaning to do for awhile!).

On to the promised pics from Monday's Dyeing marathon! I will be putting up these yarns into the shop throughout the week!


  1. Uhm, I love that pink yarn (second down). I need to save money for SS09! But oh how you tempt me!

  2. Heheh, that's my job right?!?! :) Can't wait for SOCK SUMMIT!!!