Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back in time...

So I meant to get this post up yesterday evening, but time did not allow...

Hubby and I decided to get out into the beautiful weather and fit in another hike/slow crawl (we do have a two year old with us walking after all) as part of our a hike a week goal. So far we have been pretty successful and Corbin (the two year old) still seems pretty excited to get out to go one "big walks". This time we went high up on hillside and walked up a gravel trail that is a nice easy winding trail with an amazing view. I brought along my knitting and managed to get a nice couple of repeats done on my sock hop socks as we walked. It was so peaceful to be out in the unbelievably fresh air. We had a great time and I look forward to many more such excursions. Another collage (click on it to see it bigger...) ....

Today is Noah's 9month B-day - I had quite a bit more written up regarding this, but when I added the pic I accidentally deleted it! DOH! >_<

In other news, my friend just opened up shop - totally awesome - check it out!


  1. What great pictures! Your kiddos are so cute! I'm going to have to start making collages for my blog... they are too cool.

  2. Kelsey! It's good to see what you are up to! Your yarn is beautiful... and I didn't know you had 2 kids now! Keep in touch. Do you have a facebook? Cherilyn Spencer