Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oceanic Handspun

So I have spun my set of samples from June's box! They fibers just jumped into my hands and I really had a finished yarn before I knew it! I took the samples from Into the Whirled, Mad Angel Creations, H.A.Y., Silver Sun Alpaca's, and Smoky Mountain Fibers divided them into 5 strips each and spun them end to end. So I should have a nicely striping yarn of each sample! I just spun a single and ended up with around 290 yards! I am very excited to make something from this, and I will be keeping it all for myself!


  1. It looks really beautiful. Any thoughts on what you'll be making?

  2. not yet...I keep going back and forth on ideas...

  3. that looks absolutely beautiful! good job. :)

  4. Beautiful Yarn :) Thanks for using my fiber.

    Silver Sun Alpacas