Friday, April 20, 2012

Every year....

during spring in Alaska I find myself doing the same things. I try to get outside all winter but it takes more effort. Springtime hits and I find myself outside without even trying! I get motivated in my projects and it general have more energy to "get things done". Here is my picture heavy post that sums up this past week.

My Sampler quilt is coming along!! I wasn't happy with a certain block that is pretty chunky and too dark. So I pulled my fabrics back out to make a replacement block. Next step sashing!

My replacement block. A churn dash! I forgot to take a picture of it sewn, so here it is just cut out.

The boys and I took a "practice walk" (an hour long), we are working up to walking to our local Tastee Freeze. Corbin was keeping us well protected. Shooting any "bad guys" that we came upon.

They were so happy to be out in the sunshine

A happy moment I wanted to remember :)

We finally got back to the zoo! The boys were very excited <3

More zoo fun

I admit it was very encouraging to see the ducks back!

I had the privilege to have Riggs in the Ergo, this was my view <3

Got the borders on my Dr. Seuss quilt. I LOVE the rainbow stripe :)


  1. love the spiral block on the sample quilt, so pretty :)

  2. Aww our kids are so cute :) can't wait to see you sample quilt all finished up!

  3. Yea Tastee-Freeze! I'm always up for the walk. :)