Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the moment...but looking ahead

Corbin got to visit his future school on yesterday. It was amazing. He started out nervous (as I expected, he is a little to much like me about big pressure events and meeting new people) and ended with begging to go back. We were invited to participate in the Kindergarten classrooms from 8:15-9:00. It was rain day. The kids were all dressed up in rain clothes and had umbrellas and there were "rain showers" happening every few minutes as the parents and teachers sprinkled the kids with spray bottles. They were all having a blast and it got me pretty excited about the enthusiasm and overall method at the school. Corbin LOVED exploring the classroom. There was watercolors set out at a table, coloring at another, a weather station, zen garden (sand and pebbles), magnetic building sets, blocks, and the list just goes on.....I wanted to stay and play. The teachers and parents were friendly and I just (*almost*) wish that school started tomorrow. I really appreciated that they had set up this opportunity for all the kindergarten families. I know Corbin is just that much closer to being ready for Kindergarten as a result. Sorry for the blurry-ish pics but I was trying to not be that mom that just "had to have her phone out" so I was kinda sneaking them in. 

Corbin loves bees and puppet stages. I got a pretty good show hehe

A rain storm had just rolled through. Corbin watched from a safe distance and colored. :)

We had fun reading each story that was on the back of these shapes. I loved that Chicken Soup with Rice was up on the wall. One of my favorites from when I was in school. 

My sister Whitney has been going through sciatic nerve pain and is going to physical therapy to try and get it under control. As a result I have been getting a ton of nephew time!! I love getting to know my little Riggs and having a baby to snuggle. Watching my boys with him just warms my heart even more than I expected. There is just something about the invisible threads of family. I love watching them strengthen into the next generation.

Noah was singing to Riggs <3

Corbin was happy to be getting his doe of holding Riggs. Noah was generously sharing his "blanky" so that Riggs would be warm. He was tying it on so that it didn't "get lost" hehe 
 In crafting news, I'm getting back in the groove with my knitting. I finally pulled out my snap press and put the snaps on my needle "case". I can now have it hanging in the closet and keep my needles accessible and orderly. I look like I barely have any smaller size needles but unfortunately they are all busily sitting in various projects lol.
My now functional circular needle case. I sewed it sometime last year and it was just waiting for it's snaps!

I got all the sizes written on with a fabric ink pen. Not the prettiest but it was fast and easy.

I LOVE my snap press. One of my best purchases ever.
 I am already starting to think about what knitting classes I'll be teaching this fall. Zuzu's Petals was an easy choice! I love Carina Spencer's patterns and designs. I started this cowl early afternoon and it was on (although the ends still need to be woven in) by 9pm. So fun and I can't wait to make another one using Noro silk garden or some other gradated yarn.

Back view of Zuzu's Petals. I knit it out of Malabrigo Worsted in hollyhock. So yummy!

I couldn't resist throwing it on for a quick snap shot. 


  1. That cowl is amazing, I love it. I just can't believe Corbin will be in school soon, ahh! Love the pics of the boys together, so sweet.

  2. You are a woman of many talents, Kelsey! Our gang of boys grows so quickly; can't believe Corbin's at the Kindergarten stage already.

  3. Beautiful colour of yarn I love it! Would look amazing with a brown coat! Kindergarten is a blast, I know Finnley learned to love school because of the wonderful kindergarten experience she had, Iain well be starting in the fall too...bring tissues it's impossible not to cry, it all happens so fast. sigh...motherhood