Sunday, April 22, 2012

Unintentional Traditions

It has been a fun family weekend! My young cousin Micah spent two days with us and we enjoyed a few adventures together! 

Friday evening was so beautiful and we knew we wanted to burn some energy off the boys to ensure an easy bedtime and knew the boardwalk at Potter's Marsh would be fun (I am always a fan of "closed" spaces for the boys to stretch their legs, nice and safe!). We read and talked about the birds and animals that make this area home. Enjoying the scenery, company, and lovely educational signs.

Saturday was sale day at the shop so the boys were on their own until 4pm. At 4:03pm they swung by, picked me up and we headed out of town. It was overcast and spit a little bit of rain but it was still lovely and warm. We made the quick drive down to Girdwood and counted waterfalls and watched for dall sheep along the way (we did see some nice and close on the way home!). We were late for the start but still got to see a good 20 people or so compete in the annual Slush Cup they hold at Alyeska. It was lots of fun, the boys enjoyed playing in the snow, watching the competitors in their crazy costumes, and their big splashes into the pool. Before heading home we stopped at the gas station there and had a picnic (another new forming tradition). 

Today was lovely and after church we spent the day at my parents enjoying lunch and catching up with a family friend. The boys went out with their dad for a treat and I took the dogs out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. Gotta say I'm pretty blessed!! 

Checking out the signs right at the start of the boardwalk

Seeing what he can see!

Happy to be outside!

Micah looking for birds :)

Treat time!

Our picnic after the Slush Cup!

Happy Puppies!


  1. I love all the pictures but that one of Willow and Oakley is so cute!!

  2. lovely...I miss Girdwood, I used to work in the bakery there :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! I loved all the pics and your new background also! <3

  4. We loved being part of your weekend!