Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Labor of Love

When my husband made it through the testing for the Anchorage Fire Department I knew I wanted to do something to show my support (and excitement) for him. It was a big deal. He decided about 10 years ago that he wanted to be a firefighter with AFD. It has been a long and often disappointing journey. We had almost given up and then....he made it! Next came the 3 month academy. It was grueling. It was also ended up being the hardest thing our marriage has survived (for which I am blessed). He was so tired and busier than he has ever been. There was so much stress and if he failed at any point he was out, which turned my easy going, energy filled, happy husband into a grouchy, stress ball mess. I've always liked to joke that when we got married he knew I was the grouchy one and that he was the happy one. It definitely tested my ability to be the sacrificing, understanding, and loving spouse. I won't pretend that I did very well. But I did want to express my deep feelings of love, admiration, and thanks for everything he was doing, which not only fulfilled his dreams but provided for his family. 

I decided to make him a quilt. 

I jumped into the hardest quilt I have ever made. A log cabin. There are definitely more advanced quilts out there but this one tops my list in my (short) quilting history. I wanted it to be accurate. I wanted it scrappy. I wanted it to be manly. I feel I succeeded, which is a wonderful feeling indeed! It was a great deal of cutting and piecing, but I loved it every step of the way!! The end result was even better than I had hoped for.

Willow LOVES any quilt I put on the floor. She always has to "test" it out. 

I had a "firefighter" design quilted onto John's log cabin.
Love the homespun plaid that I put on the back, and that it had been 70% off!!

I dropped it off to John today at the fire station and he was very excited to finally get to sleep under it.


My other achievement regarding this quilt (which I have mentioned in other posts I'm pretty sure) is that all the fabrics were discount fabrics. Every fabric purchased was between 50-70% off including the backing. I think the total cost of the quilt was just under $200 including the top, batting, backing, and quilting. So I love that it was such a good deal for a XL twin size quilt. 

In other sewing news I got a pretty awesome birthday present from my amazing husband. He completely surprised me! I had no idea and he even got me the brand (and two models nicer!!!!) that I had been saving for myself. I will also note that he should win an award for bravery as he did his shopping with my crazy 3 & 5 year old boys in tow. That by itself impressed me!! 

Here's some other projects are that in the works....more to come on them soon!

Dr. Seuss Quilt. Just needs it's borders


  1. Ohhh I love your new header and all the beautiful quilts! I know John will really love it and it is such an amazing and well made quilt. :)

  2. WOW! super love the last one! such a beautiful colour combo, you are very talented :) lucky family to have you quilting them together.

  3. They are all beautiful! I love your Dr. Suess quilt... is it a pattern, or did you just wing it? I might make the same one with all my fabrics. :)

  4. Sally, It is a pattern! I can lend it to you, it went super fast!