Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When the knitting world shook....

Yesterday morning was a momentous day! It was the day that Sock Summit 09 opened up for regisration. It was crazy (but fun)! The Ravelry Sock Summit forum was hopping - giving a crazy play by play of each moment. I felt fortunate to even have the opportunity to try for classes and even now there are a few choices open! I ended up with one of their one hour wonders on ergonomical knitting, which I definitely need. I am also super excited as I was also able to snag tickets to the opening reception, sock hop, and luminary panel. It is going to be amazing!!! I am already making plans for a rockabilly Swing style dress and some cool lacy knee socks (Sodera - Rav link) to be exact. I am going to hopefully get out to pick out the pattern, fabric, and yarn today.

In other news Noah is just about to hit the 8 month mark and is pulling up, crawling, and scooting like a madman - no more immobile and safe baby. It sure is fun to watch him though!

Corbin is cracking me up constantly. For example going to see Night At The Museum II is on the agenda for today. After telling Corbin this, he was super excited. Acouple minutes later, as he was eating breakfast, he told me that "He wanted to stay home and eat Daddy's cereal - the movie was too scary...." Though of course a couple of seconds later he was back on for heading out! His latest terror has been the mosquitos though (not that I for one blame him....). He is terrified of them and starts crying as soon as one lands on him. :( All he talked about last night was how "the moaquito's were walking on him" - I think I am just thankful that he doesn't react to bites as I did, in fact I don't think they itch him at all.

My next post should include a sneek preview for my June Phat Fiber Samples!!! Stay Tuned!!


  1. Maybe get Corbin a fly swat to get those nasty mosquitos! I would suggest one of the electric ones, but I bet that would not end well. :) Have fun at the movie.

  2. hmm good idea!! I think I need me one of those too....though an electric one for me and a NON-electric for Corbin, cuz that would definitely be interesting to say the least.

  3. Oh man, imagine how fast Noah would learn to scoot along if Corbin DID have an electric one! :)

    No seriously, have fun with the family!

  4. Hope you had a great day, I missed you. now...FOLLOW ME!