Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A couple days to slow down

As I think I have posted before my Grandparents homesteaded when they retired on a 5 acre tract of land a few miles outside of Talkeetna, Alaska. They have no running water, have an outhouse, and use a generator for when they need power. They designed/built the all the structures on their property themselves - A main cabin, detached garage, wood shed w/tool shed, outhouse, generator shed, and guest cabin. They decided to move away from city life in 1981 - three years before I was born. Their home has been a place of relaxation and retreat my entire life. Their continued strength and resiliance amaze me - they are both 85 this year. They have been amazing examples of character for me, they have shown me that life can be what you make it, not what "popular" society dictates. Anyhow - this may seem a strange post, but I just
wanted to share a little bit of this retreat (again) and the beauty of the great state that I live in.

Oh - and as a result I sped through the second sock I was working on, finishing my hubby's second pair of handknit socks.

Also just had to share that I am starting my little one early on yarn addicition =D

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  1. Great pictures, wonderful socks, and good job on getting them hooked early!

    It really does look peaceful out there.