Friday, May 4, 2012


I've got a new hat hot off the needles! It was fun to knit and explore a hat with some different construction. The lovely snails shell for which this hat is named, was part of the cast on edge and was very cleverly designed by Veronica Parsons. I really enjoyed knitting this hat and I think it will be a great beginner II class to teach over at the Yarn Branch this fall. I used the super yummy and soft malabrigo worsted (no itchy forehead here!), which as usual was delightful to knit with and is very well priced yarn.  I'm going to try and get as much wear out of this hat as possible in the next few months - even though spring has arrived here in Anchorage.

With the spiral farther forward.......

....and the spiral farther back.....
now the bet is on that if my father sees this post whether he will comment as expected ;P

I recently got some new fabric! The first set of four fabrics (two of which came from the stash - yippee!) is destined to become another tahiti tote and the second set I just fell in LOVE with. I couldn't pass them up. So I have no plan for what they will "grow up" to be! (Which is definitely breaking my fabric buying rules...sigh....some rules are just okay to break sometimes ;P)

The first is an Alexander Henry fabric <3

I am a sucker for colorful swirly fabrics!

Corbin got a new bike and he is such a big boy on it! John took him to pick it out so of course it's a pretty cool! Both boys got new helmets, and Noah's head is officially bigger than Corbin's...definite proof that Noah is related to my dad and my sister heehee.

Testing out his new bike in the garage....

The real deal! 

We also squeezed in a long walk with my sister Whitney, all three boys, and two dogs. It was a BEAUTIFUL day finishing up April with a pretty impressive bang! I am thankful that Whitney had the great idea to head south and walk along the Seward Highway, so we only met one other person on the trail, giving the boys and pups some much needed free reign!

Love my goofy, cute boys!


  1. Love the photos of Corbin on his bike, so cute. And that hat is so cute on you!

  2. I have been twisted with angst over what my daughter thought I'd say... hmmm.

    Surely she didn't think I would tease her about wearing a snail on her head - although *certain* daughters have heard me use one of my favorite words (anathematic to snails btw...) "Alacrity!"

    Kelsey looks lovely, and her handiwork is lovely too. This is a great 'retro' look which reminds me so much of the 1920s style for women.