Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Airplanes, Moving, and Angora

Last Sunday my father was generous enough to take the boys and I to Alaska Aviation Trade Show. It was pretty amazing how huge the show was. They had planes of every shape and size and the boys were on cloud 9! My dad made rockets with them at the space camp booth :) It was a very fun afternoon that I won't forget.

My sister Whitney has officially moved out of Anchorage! It was fun to go out and help her. Her new place is quite lovely and I greedily enjoyed the time with my nephew. I can't wait to spend more time out there! My kids and dogs have lots of space to run around and it is already a happy home.

*Disclaimer* - We were stopped, I would never drive without a baby in their carseat ;P

I will occasionally knit samples for the shop and just finished these sweet baby booties. They are knit out of Lorna's Laces Angel. It's a luscious angora and wool blend. They are very soft and warm and used all of one little baby skein of the yummy yarn. They were a fun fast knit that I think took all of three hours in between helping customers. The pattern I used was the top down seamless booties pattern.


  1. Wow. I might need to make a pair of those booties!! SO cute. Riggs already learning to drive.... *sniff* :)

  2. Who could resist A)spending time with their grandsons B)spending time with their daughter C)spending time at an airshow? That was a triple-win day for me... I had so much fun!

  3. Thank you so much for all your help and I'm sure Riggs enjoyed some auntie time too :)