Thursday, May 10, 2012


My second Zuzu's petals were off the needles before my escargot hat. However, I've been trying to get photograph's of it on me and due to it's dark color that has proven difficult. So I've given up and figures these pics are better than no pics. :)

I knit this lovely lighter weight cowl out of Jojoland Melody super wash yarn. I love the feel and drape of the yarn, but what is really stunning is the slow and gentle color gradation. Not to mention that it takes only one 50g skein to make this cowl, which makes the materials cost for this project only $6.99!!!

I have only steam blocked the cowl, but really should take the time to wet block it as it would open up quite a bit more and have even more drape....but alas I was impatient to wear it!

Okay are some low quality pictures (i.e. iphone) taken during a welcome home dinner for my youngest sister Beka. Corbin and I were being goofy :)


  1. It's gorgeous! Gosh you make me want to know how to knit so much faster!!!

  2. Haha love the cowl and the pictures. I do really love the color graduation in that yarn, so gentle!