Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr. Seuss Quilt

Who doesn't like Dr. Seuss? An icon of the wonder, fun, and true imagination! When we got in Dr. Seuss fabrics at the shop I knew I should make the boys a quilt out of it. So I purchased the fabric based on a pattern that was in a magazine. I hated it. I couldn't make myself work on it and it got stowed away.

Fast forward 6-8 months. A new pattern made it's way into the shop featuring the fabrics and I loved it! I knew I had most of the fabric to make it work and only had to buy a few key pieces (the panel and the white on white). I cut it and pieced it in one evening, with only the borders left to attach. The next day the borders.....done! I had so much left overs that I knew I should piece that backing. I even had other panels left over from the previous plan that would have been cute. I laid it out and even took a picture so I could reconstruct it.

But then it languished......I really didn't feel like piecing the back. A month went by, it kept nagging at me and I knew I should just get it done. However! I was at work on Friday  and lo and behold Minky (super soft CUDDLY fabric) started rolling out from the back. It was around 20 bolts of Dr. Seuss printed minky! Minky is one of my favorite fabrics to put on the back of a quilt because it is so soft and I love the weight it gives to a lap quilt. Plus it's 60" wide of usable fabric so for most lap quilts I don't have to piece the back and I have very little waste left over. So I picked one out and came home and obsessively jumped into quilting it.

I outlined any of the "boxes" with my walking foot and then got out the darning foot and did some free hand outlining of The Cat in the Hat and then did a pointy scribbly stipple in most of the open space. I free motioned some wonky bars echoing the stripes in the border and voila! I trimmed the edges and got the binding on and by Sunday evening it was done! I washed it, dried it and now have a lovely new quilt for the boys to snuggle under. Finishing a project is such an energizing feeling!

Corbin is starting to want me to take pictures of him :)
He also likes to be involved in every step of whatever I'm doing.

I love how much they love each other!

Cute boys snuggling under their new quilt.

The boys dove under the quilt and were giggling hysterically. 


  1. Ha ha too funny - love the looks on their faces. The quilt turned out great, as usual :)

  2. WOW! You quilted that?! Great job! I need to borrow that pattern, as I already have yards of all of that fabric.... LOL Maybe Baby and Sawyer could have matching quilts with different backs or something....

  3. you are just amazing-so inspiring-love it- and love minky especially with the little bumpies in it-so soft :)