Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The quilting bug bit me yesterday and I had an open day in which to accommodate it. Only one time obligation which I have to admit felt pretty amazing. It was a quiet, music and laughter filled day. My phone had accidentally been left on silent, it was a pleasant break. My boys played very happily outside with only minor "you know you're not allowed to play with that" comments from me.

I sandwiched, quilted, and bound this lovely lap sized quilt yesterday. It took me from 12:30-5:30 t quilt it, we broke for dinner, and then I got the binding pieced, and sat down with the boys on the couch and watched Lion King with them hand stitching down the binding. Stopping to bathe them and get them in bed I worked on the binding from 6:30-10:40. I have to admit my hand is a little sore this morning but I wanted it done!! It's now been washed and dried and I just LOVE it.

The border and background print is an Alexander Henry. I love his fabrics SO much. His fabrics just always have a different twist to them :) For some reason it also got put on 60%  discount so I bought the rest of the bolt. I picked some various blenders to go with it. The pattern was from a magazine and was done in red and whites and was called "peppermint sticks" - I like my version better ;P

I did put minky on the back again, The photograph (of course) doesn't do it justice and while it's bright, it is not neon like in the picture. I am still trying to improve my free motion quilting and am pretty happy with how the quilting came out. The thread I used was grey and I think it softened the colors of the quilt even more which I like.

This quilt almost felt like a guilty pleasure as I planned it without a recipient in mind. I wasn't sure if I would keep it for myself or give it away, now I'm pretty sure it will stay mine!

Corbin has been going to Vacation Bible School for the first time. He came home the first day saying "You don't even know what a super fun time I had!!!!" He's known his verse from everyday and I love hearing him tell me about it. Just another preview of what school might be like :) Noah has been a little difficult to adjust to, he is not used to playing without his brother - and let me tell you - that kid does NOT stop talking!! Good thing he's pretty funny most of the time!


  1. So glad Corbin loves vbs. hey wait a minute-don't I need a new lap quilt? Lol. Lu