Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tangled Skein Yarn Shop

Today a friend and I ventured out of Anchorage to Eagle River and visited The Tangled Skein. It was a wonderful little spot just off the main road in town. I was happy to see upon entering that there was quite a great selection of yarns, as well as books and magazines. I had never visited this shop before and was quite eager to get to "know" the yarns carried there. I love having a good knowledge of yarn lines and prices so that when projects come up so that I can pick which LYS (Local Yarn Shop) fits best. I was pleasantly surprised at the good prices and have several yarns that are now on my list! I think what stuck out most was that TTS carried quite a nice variety of fibers in their yarns. My fave of the day was a llama and silk blend yarn that I hope to find a project for soon!

I did end up going home with some DPN and two amazing grab bags of partial skeins (some I am pretty sure were full skeins) for $5 each!!! I am going to rewind the skeins and mark the yardage and think that they will make some amazing hats etc.


  1. I visited The Tangled Skein last summer and didn't walk out empty handed either! I live in WA now and was visiting my son & family in ER last May. Found TTS in the yellow pages and am so happy to have a LYS in ER...less than 10 minutes away!
    Since I am not a spinner, I am going to have to purchase some of your roving and attempt a hat :)

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