Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can you feel the Love

Went to The Lion King last night. It was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. I had not thought that we were going to be able to attend - but then SURPRISE! My parents bought us tickets!!! Included in the gift was watching the kids so John and I were able to get away for a wonderful evening together. I think it was our first date in about 2+ months....we usually try for more often than that! John and I always enjoy getting to attend events at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts as that is where we met and worked together for 3+ years. So definitely a great date spot :) Here is a pic of us about to leave (I find that we never seem to get pics together anymore, must be something about the camera always being pointed at the kids or fiber ;)Also I finished the second cuff of for the TTL Mystery Knit A long. I am thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait until tomorrow for the next clue to come out! I had brought it with me last night and had the opportunity to explain it to the lady sitting next to me.....she did ask first ;P

That's all for now! I have quite a bit of roving, silk hankies, and handspun which will be making their way into the shop in the next couple days. Part of the "to-do's" for today include a photo-op....

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  1. What a good-looking couple! I want that photo for my portfolio! ;-)