Thursday, October 29, 2009

Socktoberfest Wrapup!

Well the end of October is looming (must start and finish the boys costumes!) and it was my first "Socktoberfest" which I eased into by participating in The Through Loops KAL (old news if you've been reading) but! I finished them! Pretty in love with them though I am suspecting that I could have gone down a size. This was a very stretchy pattern. My first time doing any sort of "cool" heel and toe and overall thought it was a great experience, here's my pics....

Also I am working on a pattern, it involves this yarn that I just finished dyeing and I am hoping it will debut with my other samples in the Phat Fiber November box, so just a little taste :)

I am on a sock roll and will be starting my next pair as soon as I hit "Publish".

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