Friday, October 23, 2009

Knitting, Knitting, and Knitting!

I am loving the cooler weather and I am just so wanting to be wrapped up in cozy hand knits all winter long! I am surprised that we haven't had snow in town yet. In fact it scares me a little. I feel like the weather is lulling me into complacency and then *BAM* it's going to come out of nowhere with a blizzard that will leave several feet on the ground! I just keep hoping that it's going to ease in gently.....

I started and finished a hat! It is one of those "slouchy" hats (Jane by Jane Richmond - ) as I thought my Sis's bangs and hair in general would work great with it! I gifted it to her last night at her birthday party we threw for her. She loved it and commented that it will be nice to have a hat that will keep her warm and not mess up her bangs! This pattern was awesome. It felt so good on the head with the doubled brim and slouchiness. I will be casting on one for myself as soon as I finish my minimalist cardi and TTL socks. Here's some pics of me in the hat.Also I have been on the look out for podcasts. I keep reading about much people love them but I had really poor luck in finding any that I liked. Especially now that we don't have a tv, I am always on the lookout for other ways to entertain myself while knitting. Thankfully I did happen across Never Not Knitting. I don't know how I had missed it before now but I LOVE it! I have now downloaded all of her podcasts and am catching up. Plus her blog itself is great. So leave a comment if you have any other podcasts. They don't have to be fiber related (though I would love any more of those), though I don't find myself enjoying political stuff. A little to heavy for knitting right now.

Another little update in the shop, my sale is still on - just mention my blog for a 15% refund!


  1. Do you like dogs, too? Seems like I saw a pic of you with one somewhere, but maybe I'm confusing that with someone else. Anyway, if you do, check out the Bark 'N' Knit podcast. Awesome.

  2. I LOVE my hat. And it's even more wonderful now that I know it's called Jane!