Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So these past few weeks have been a pretty true fall for Anchorage. Pretty impressive as we usually have (at least what seems like) two seasons - summer and winter. With the new place comes a fantastically huge yard. Not so fantastically there are lots of leaves. John probably spent a good 14-18 hours cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for winter, ending with a cold drizzle that brought him in cold and hungry. He thoughtfully took a picture of the bags. This was even after I asked him to cover the garden area with a good layer of leaves. Though I will add that probably half of the bags are from previous years of leaves, grass clippings, and miscellaneous wood scraps that had turned into a not good gooey mess in one untended corner of the yard. John is guessing that there are around 45 bags or so....

A more enjoyable fall activity has been carving pumpkins! Corbin is now the age that he is "getting" more of this seasonally oriented activity and has been getting super excited about everything. He got to help Daddy get all the "guts" of the pumpkin out and kept telling me how yucky and dirty it was. He loved it!Also I finished the 4th clue for the TTL KAL. So happy with these socks!! I almost just finished the toes, but then thought she might have some surprise that I would miss out on. So I'm thinking that tomorrow night I should have a newly finished pair of socks...not the greatest pic but you get the idea :)

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