Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Etsy Feature: Retro Crochet

A fellow Alaskan shop, I remember noticing Retro Crochet shortly after it opened through the "shop local" feature. I was so impressed! Sharon's photo's are great and I love the way she has used crochet to make amazing jewelry and other assorted fiber goodies! My favorite items of her are the peace earrings and ornaments. They are done very delicately, but are still bold and fun! Several of her items are made using upcycled materials. Every little bit helps!

She offers some great patterns including one for this Anime Ninja Doll, my sister is a big anime fan and this pattern has me ready to pick up crochet again!

I know everyone if tired of hearing the words "econimic crisis" but please make the effort to still shop local and handmade. This directly influences that person's life and how much better is that than just being a transaction number at a big box store!

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