Monday, January 26, 2009

Gaining and losing

No this is not a post about weight :) Though it does refer to my goals. As is clearly evident by the dates on my posts, I have not been sticking with my goal of posting 5 days a week! But I am still working on that! I just need to not let my excuses get in the way. This is my main area of "losing ground"

BUT! I have been gaining ground in that I am very close to finishing all the knitting that I am to finish by the end of the month. I just have one mitten (knit in bulky weight - so it's a quick knit!), and 1/3 of a dishcloth (again, not a large item and on size 8's). Plus I have been working on a fair isle hat (which is on hold until the above is finished). I am taking a knitting class on stranded work and have been learning a great deal as well as getting in some good practice. Here are a few pics of my recent knitting.

Ok, so this post is just a little bit about weight as it is one of my goals to have lost 6lbs by the end of January as well. I am doing even better than expected and have lost 7.4lbs!! I have been eating lots of salad, which is interesting to me as I have always been a meat and potatoes girl (which isn't surprising, since I am now trying to lose weight lol) But I must be growing up or something as I am actually looking forward to eating it! I thinking nursing Noah has been really helping as well. So I am glad to have at least 8 more months of calorie burning from that!

I have yarn in the oven right now. I am testing out some new yarn bases, so if all goes well I will have a new sock yarn base and a new luxury base (50/50 Merino/yak). I am super excited about the merino/yak blend for several reasons:

1. I love yaks, hubby and I have dreamt of owning yaks even before I starting spinning.

2. I am trying to expand my lines so that I have a wide range of yarn bases, and this is one of the yarns making that a reality.

3. I am loving the feel of it and can't wait to "test knit" this yarn into something pretty for myself.

So officially I have now dyed yarn twice in one seven day period! I just did a big 5lb batch of roving too! I am making a consious effort to dye roving in one pound lots so that there is enough for bigger projects. Here's some pics of the fiber I dyed 3 nights ago.

I am now participating in Phat Fiber and will have samples in February's and March's box for sure. I will be including hand-dyed yarns, rovings, and locks. Don't miss out!

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this, but I cannot emphasize enough the importance of tightening the knob on your yarn swift before use. If not done correctly bad things happen. I am just thankful that it was not lace weight. I am slowly but surely untangling the 40g of fingering weight sock yarn that I mutilated.

After this post I think I should get extra points for pics. But that's just me.

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