Thursday, January 15, 2009

The World is Weird

I didn't blog about it but it was freezing here for around two weeks. I had been going crazy staying inside, but with two babies (one of which is only 3mo.) I found it just too much to go outside without reason. Finally in just one night it warmed up from -15 to 20! It was wonderful, it felt like a heat wave and me and my family rejoiced! I even took my boys out for a great walk down at West Chester Lagoon, Corbin repeatedly told me that he had "fun in the snow". Unfortunately yet again in one night it warmed up to around 35 with freezing rain. Blah! It makes it such a mess around town and I would much rather have it be -15. It has been two days of this warm weather and it supposed to last for at least another day. Yet now down-states it has been crazy cold for them.

The world is weird.

January is now officially half way over and I have been doing okay on my goals so here is an update:

  • Blog at least 5 times a week, with pictures twice a week - I have been blogging more regularly, though I don't think I have made it with enough pics.
  • Dye 2 days a week - I have dyed once, maybe by the end of the month I will average out
  • Spin at least 2 50g skeins a week - Yep! I made a great hat for my Dad's b-day!
  • Develop and finalize my marketing plan for 2009 - Not finished but I have been working on it!
  • Knit 1 pair of socks a month for myself - I can only do this after completing my other projects, which I am making good progress on!
  • Knit 2 pairs of socks for hubby (per his request) - Not there yet
  • Knit all of my Christmas Gifts for next year before November (lofty goal I know!) - I am started on this one! :)
  • Lose six pounds by the end of January - I am down 5.4 lbs so I should do even better! I am already planning lots of sweaters for a skinnier me!
So not too bad all in all!

I would love to hear what "resolutions" or "goals" you've been working on!

Stay warm!

Oh yeah and here are some pics from my last batch of dyeing

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