Saturday, January 10, 2009

ravely & flickr

I am proud of myself. I now have my knitted gifts lined out for 2009. Not only that but I have them loaded up in my queue on ravelry and even have some of the yarns picked out etc. My plan is to have all the birthday and Christmas gifts knit by September. We'll see if I am able to stick to my plan! I also managed to whittle down my queue to a mere 66 patterns lol. Next winter should see me and my loved ones wearing more and more handknits!

of course the pessimist in me is mumbling in my head "...yeah right, lets see you try to stay on track!"

My rules are:

  1. I must accomplish the gifts for each month as planned before starting anything else
  2. I do not have to follow any particular order as long as it's the right month for the project.
  3. I am not working ahead, if I finish my planned projects I get to work on something for myself.
oh yeah, I have learned the hard way to not mess with your flickr settings just to see what they do. This results in having to redo every photo in your ravelry notebook. Not fun.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your plans work out! You can do it! Then maybe there will be hope for the rest of us!