Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New beginnings and Clean Floors

Unfortunately no Etsy feature today. I didn't get my stuff together fast enought, so maybe in the next few days.

Anyhow as I am sure anybody who pays even the slightest bit of attention knows that today was inauguration day for President Obama. I missed the speech, but got to see the rest of the special news regarding it and it was exciting to see the changeover of power. I thought the media was tasteful, and I truly hope that we will be moving forward in this country regardless of political party. I am tired of bickering, as I think most people are. It will be an interesting year to say the least. But enough politics.

I got a new vacuum today! Not just any vacuum but a Kirby! Our second vacuum since Hubby and I's marriage had broken about a month or so ago and we had been trying to decide on what kind of a vacuum to buy. We decided that we would much rather shell out the big bucks to have a vacuum that would last. So today we had the demonstration done (wow!) and we were sold :) So I now have MUCH cleaner floors. This vacuum actually makes me excited to clean!

In my fiber world I have started knitting these. I would show pics of my progress but my camera battery is dead :( So pics to come soon! They are knitting up fantastically! I can't wait to get them finished!

Ouch! I just realized how long it had been since I blogged! Ah! I will do better!

Oh and just to get points for pics here is one of the family in Disney World!
Ah, green grass! I can't wait for summer.

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